e-Assessment in Practice 11-12 November 2009


Invited talk: Building a bridge between theory and practice in formative e-assessment, London Knowledge Lab


The JISC-funded FEASST project (http://feasst.wlecentre.ac.uk/) on formative e-assessment was carried out by the Institute of Education, University of London. This project brought together educational practitioners, designers and researchers, to share their experience of developing and using tools and practices for formative e-assessment. The project used the Participatory Methodology for Practical Design Patterns, developed by the Learning Patterns project (http://lp.noe-kaleidoscope.org/) and refined by the Planet (Pattern Language Network, http://patternlanguagenetwork.org/) project. This methodology drives a process by which communities of practitioners can collaboratively reflect on the challenges they face and the methods for addressing them. The outcome of the process is a set of case stories, design patterns and future scenarios situated in a particular domain of practice. 
This talk will present the methodology, and then review some of the project outcomes.

Yishay Mor is a researcher at the London Knowledge Lab (http://www.lkl.ac.uk/), where he has previously worked on Planet, CoMo, the Pedagogy Planner, Learning Patterns for the design and deployment of mathematical games and WebLabs projects. Before that he designed and developed web-based network management software for Cisco Systems. His research interests include theorising and operationalising a design science of education, constructionism in mathematics and science education, participatory technologies, and mobile learning. He is currently completing his phd, titled: A Design Approach to Research in Technology Enhanced Mathematics Education.

Yishay Mor,
11 Nov 2009, 08:24